Ariel Houston Talks Evolution From Heartbreak To Hope

Ariel Houston Talks Evolution From Heartbreak To Hope


In an exclusive interview discussing her track “Breaking My Heart,” Ariel Houston revealed how her return to the music scene after a break has transformed her artistic trajectory. The song reflects her newfound authenticity and vulnerability, unveiling the intricate layers of her life, relationships, and marriage. 

Having grown up in both the distinct cultures of Kentucky and New York City, Ariel’s experiences have cultivated a remarkable ability to connect with diverse audiences, fostering conversations across boundaries of race and gender. Beyond music, Houston aspires to bring forth narratives of the complexities behind glittering facades through TV and film projects. 

Her nonprofit, the Houston Foundation For Hope, showcases her dedication to positive change, as stories of transformed lives through the organization’s projects resonate deeply with her. 

As her creative horizons expand to include collaborations with artists like DJ Khaled, Cardi B, and her aspiration, Burna Boy, Ariel’s forthcoming exploration into House music and Afrobeats promises exciting musical adventures. Rooted in her daily beliefs of gratitude, celebrating small victories, and embracing the present, Houston’s journey remains an indication of resilience and growth.

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“Breaking My Heart” appears to mark a significant moment in your musical progression, particularly post your break. How does the track mirror your artistic development since reentering the music scene, and what new elements or themes does it introduce to your repertoire? 

It shows the vulnerable side of my life, relationship, and marriage. It evokes authenticity and vulnerability.

Emerging from dynamic communities like Lexington, Kentucky, to Harlem and Washington Heights, undoubtedly granted you exposure to a spectrum of cultures and perspectives. How have these experiences shaped your music and the manner in which you connect with your audience? 

Kentucky and NYC are like two different worlds: different cultures. Being exposed to NYC has given me the opportunity to experience so many different walks of life. I feel comfortable sitting at any table and having a conversation with anyone no matter their race, gender, etc. I owe that to NYC.

Your aspirations extend beyond music into TV and film projects that allow you to share your story. What kind of narratives are you particularly interested in bringing to these mediums? 

The narrative: “Everything that glitters ain’t gold.” I have lived a life that many people think is glamorous. Growing up in the entertainment business as a professional entertainer, having many celebrity friends, singing with Whitney Houston, and marrying Whitney’s brother. People think I have it made, which is far from the truth. Yes, I have been blessed, but my life has come at a very high cost. The narrative will showcase the highs and lows of the entertainment business, my life/experience as a “Houston” and the trauma and resilience that has resulted because of it, but from both a personal and clinical perspective.

The creation of your nonprofit organization, the Houston Foundation For Hope (HFH), demonstrates your dedicated efforts toward creating positive change. Could you recount a particular project or instance within HFH that has deeply impacted you?

There are so many projects within HFH that have impacted me. I’ve had so many people express gratitude for helping them regain their lives and re-enter society after living in the streets or an institution. I recall a moment where one of our clients thanked me, stating that if it weren’t for HFH she would not have been able to secure a job or transportation to her doctor’s appointments and treatment. She also regained custody of her kids, because she could prove that she could make it to court and maintain employment, but couldn’t have done it without the resources our program provided. 

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Your creative vision encompasses a diverse array of artists, including DJ Khaled and Cardi B. How do you approach working together as a means of artistic expression and storytelling? Are there specific names you’re eager to partner with in the future?

I admire DJ Khalid’s business and work ethic. I relate to Cardi B’s life experiences, and love the tone of her voice, but one artist that I am particularly eager to work with is Burna Boy. My father is from Port Harcourt, Nigeria as well, and seeing Burna Boy make waves through the music industry is inspiring. He is an artist that completely encompasses Nigerian culture, and I love that. I look forward to doing more music that encompasses my Nigerian roots. 

You’ve expressed interest in exploring House music and Afrobeats. Can we anticipate upcoming releases in these genres? Are there new singles in the pipeline, and what about live performances? 

Absolutely, it’s on the way.

“Never underestimate the underdog” is a guiding principle for you. Are there other daily thoughts or beliefs that fuel your pursuit of excellence and personal growth?

“Be grateful for everything, no one owes you anything.”

“Celebrate your small wins.”

 “Yesterday is heavy, put it down.”

I think being grateful for everything; the good and the bad, is what helps keep me grounded and sane in a world filled with uncertainty. I strive for happiness every day. Some days are bad, and happiness doesn’t always show up, but I must be intentional about reminding myself that we don’t control the outcome as much as we like to think we do. I think happiness is about letting go of what you thought your life was supposed to be and embracing where you are right now.

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