Plies Lusts Over New Britney Spears Video: “My Lil Hot Cheeto” 


Although he can’t decide whether she is his “white Diamond,” or a “lil hot Cheeto,” one thing is certain, Plies loves him some Britney Spears. 


The Florida-bred rapper has recently been gushing over the newly separated pop star’s dance videos, and her latest one was no exception. On Monday (August 28), Plies shared a video of himself going crazy over the new Britney Spears clip. 

In the video, Spears, dressed in a cheetah print bodysuit with exposed bra and knee-high white boots, performs some racy choreography to Kelis’s#### song, “Milkshake.” Her outfit inspired a new moniker, with Plies branding Britney Spears after a popular snack.  

“There she go! She got them ta-tas out,” Plies declared in his reaction video. “Look at my little cheetah, look at my lil hot Cheeto.”  

He continued to giggle and squeal while losing his mind to the video. “She made it jiggle!” He added. “I went and got a milkshake to watch this s###!” Check out the clip below.  

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“At this point, I’m convinced she’s doing this just for Plies,” one person wrote in the comments section. “I just want y’all to meet at this point,” added another. 

This isn’t the first time Plies has lusted over Britney Spears and her dance moves. Earlier this month, the 47-year-old rapper shared his reaction to the singer’s pole dancing. “My White Diamond Bih,” he wrote in the caption, referring to a character from the iconic 1998 movie The Players Club.  

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While Britney Spears hasn’t responded to Plies, she did recently share a thirst trap to Kanye West’s “Fade,” alongside a message to Ye.  

“Me and Kanye!!!” she wrote in the caption before deleting the post a short while later.