Ashanti Calls For ‘Positive Vibes & Energy’ Amid Irv Gotti Sex Saga


Ashanti is reacting the wild interview Irv Gotti did with Drink Champs — albeit covertly. On Monday (August 8), the “Always On Time” singer fired off a tweeted that read, “Morning y’all. Sending out positive vibes and energy.” But the laughing emoji she added at the end seemed to indicate she knows exactly what’s going on in the social media world.

After all, Gotti is currently a trending Twitter topic and he’s been making headlines consistently over the last few days. Particularly, fans were interested in his tale about conceptualizing Ashanti’s 2002 hit “Happy” after having sex with her.

“We just finished sleeping together or whatever,” he told co-hosts DJ EFN and N.O.R.E. “I’m taking a shower, I’m in the shower, you know a ni**a creative after [sex]. I think of the whole track in the shower […] That record came about because of our energy.”

When N.O.R.E. asked if he missed that energy, Gotti replied, “Not anymore” and claimed he’s moved “way past that.” He added, “I honestly don’t give one single fuck. I’m Dr. Dre, been there, done that, and the chick sitting next to me, I don’t want to say crushing her, but she’s in her 20s and ridiculously hot. I know that person and I am cool with where we are, with not speaking, not anything.”

Ashanti has never spoken about her alleged sexual relationship with Gotti. The masterminds behind the upcoming BET documentary, The Murder Inc. Story, attempted to enlist Ashanti for the show, but she refused.

“She’s never going to do that because she’s never going to say she was in love with me,” Gotti explained. “She’s never gonna say we was together.”

In a 2019 interview with The Wendy Williams Show, the Murder Inc. boss admitted he slept with Ashanti but only after separating from his wife Debbie Lorenzo. He assured Williams and the thousands of people watching the show Ashanti was not to blame for their split. He claimed he was actually caught with another woman in a hotel room.

“When me and Deb separated, she caught me cheating — this is why I’m here,” he said. “Ashanti is not a homewrecker, guys! Ashanti had nothing to do with me and Deb.”

The Murder Inc. Story premieres on Tuesday (August 9). Check back with HipHopDX for an interview with Irv Gotti later this week.