Ashanti & Nelly Fans Think They’re Expecting Based On Viral Tummy Touch Video


New music and a newborn could be on the horizon for rap’s current “it” couple Ashanti and Nelly. Rumors are swirling that the pair may have a baby on the way following a recent public appearance. Over the weekend, both Ashanti and Nelly were distinguished guests at a Black & White Ball, where they took the stage and shared a tender moment with the attendees.

As onlookers in the crowd chanted “seal the deal,” both Ashanti and Nelly appeared to place their hands on the “What’s Love” singer’s belly—seemingly indicating they were expecting. Aside from the bashful embrace the couple shared, in addition to the ear-to-ear smiles they were sporting, there were no other clear indications to confirm it was a pregnancy announcement.

Considering the pair are gearing up to roll out their collaborative single with Jermaine Dupri and Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia soon, folks could jumping the gun. But then again, maybe they are on to something.

Check out the clip below.