Aveek Is Becoming Very Popular Among New Sounds


New school genres like R&B, Soul, and Pop are on an all-time high as artists with intriguing melodies are becoming extremely popular. One of these artists is Aveek (AveekMusic). With a laid-back delivery and a smooth vocal texture, Aveek’s music provides a euphonious sound to the ear. After serving an honorary tenure in the armed forces, Aveek’s songs represent his life, where he shares experiences from his service to his upbringing in California and experiences that have molded him into the person we see today. With the help of his team Kenneth (Producer/Engineer), Smiley (Visual Director), and his manager Ryan. Aveek has created an anthology of songs, where each piece tells a beautiful story and the melodies, lyrics, and soulful vocals combine to form what we call a true Masterpiece.

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