Bad Bunny Taps Pedro Pascal for ‘SNL’ Monologue, Joined By Lady Gaga and Mick Jagger


Bad Bunny returned to Saturday Night Live for its 49th season and brought some A-list friends with him.

The Puerto Rican superstar was on double duty last night as he made his SNL hosting debut and also served as the show’s musical guest. In his bilingual opening monologue, Benito wasted no time in addressing the skeptics who questioned his abilities to carry the show despite not being completely fluent in English.

“People are wondering if I can host this show because English is not my first language,” he said. “I don’t know if they know but I do whatever I want. So I can host this show in English, I can order McDonald’s in English, I can have sex in English. But I prefer sex in Spanish because it’s just better.” 

Benito switched gears and spoke some Spanish to shout out to all the Latino people around the world but especially those watching the show from Puerto Rico before he was suddenly interrupted by captions on the screen that said “SPEAKING IN NON-ENGLISH,” referencing a past controversy at the Grammys where his performance wasn’t translated.

To help him out, Bad Bunny brought out his friend Pedro Pascal, SNL hosting alum, to help translate and to offer advice on charming self-deprecating jokes. When Pascal suggested making fun of an unflattering aspect of himself, the rapper quipped that he simply didn’t have any.