‘Barbie’ Movie Makes Record-Breaking $1 Billion Globally at Box Office


Barbie‘s box office dominance has been incredible. It hasn’t left the No. 1 spot on the domestic market since its release on July 21 and recently made $53 million for the week ending on August 4.

The same goes for several international markets, such as the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Australia, where Barbie has stayed at the top since its release. As of Sunday, Deadline reports, the film grossed an estimated $572 million at the overseas box office.

Barbie’s box office success has pushed Mattel, the toy company that owns the Barbie brand, to adapt 14 additional Mattel properties such as a Polly Pocket movie, directed by Lena Dunham and starring Lily Collins, a Hot Wheels film produced by J.J. Abrams, a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots film starring Vin Diesel, the Daniel Kaluuya-led Barney film, and a Major Matt Mason movie starring Tom Hanks.