Bas Gives Kodak Black & YoungBoy Never Broke Again The 'Conscious Rapper' Tag


Los Angeles, CA – Bas is all for bridging the gap between conscious lyricists and trap rappers and believes his label Dreamville is already leaving the charge to do so.

During his recent No Jumper interview, Bas spoke about how Dreamville aims to destroy the status quo of conscious rappers as the boring adversaries of mainstream rap stars by reaching across the aisle to collaborate.

In fact, he says that was the main reason J. Cole and the entire squad invited a host of artists including DaBaby and Young Nudy to Atlanta to work on Dreamville chart-topping Revenge Of The Dreamers III album.

“I think that was the whole point of Revenge Of The Dreamers III,” Bas began. “It’s like you know Dreamville has always been kind of you know on its own off to the left you know left of industry in a sense. And we were like let’s go to Atlanta let’s link with a bunch of People. Let’s bring them to our world, you know, let’s collaborate. We all got a really open collaborative process when it comes to creating music. So we were down there and [Young] Nudy pulled up I think he did a couple joints when he came to the sessions you know and and ‘Down Bad’ was just like was the one.”

In the process of explaining how he ended up on the Revenge Of The Dreamers III standout record “Down Bad” Bas revealed how much street rap and Brooklyn-bred music he actually consumes along with nominating Future to his top five rappers list.

“I definitely listen to more street rap than I listen like conscious rap if I’m keeping it a buck,” Bas confessed. “I mean it just gave me energy. And then I like you know, I think there’s a lot of like creative things they’re doing even like the Brooklyn drill scene I’m heavy that’s that’s what I play like when I’m in my whip really and I’m I’m trying to hear some turn up shit you know what I mean. I’m tapping into all of them so yeah I mean well I mean future’s like top three to me most influential artists ever if you look at his tree of like you know kind of offspring in a sense.”

The Milky Way lyricist went on to explain why he considers artists such as DaBaby, Young Nudy, YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Kodak Black conscious rappers, too.

“I definitely listen to more street rap than I listen like conscious rap if I’m keeping it a buck,” Bas proclaimed.

“I mean Kodak [Black] to me is a conscious rapper. He’s a street rapper but he got songs where you like, ‘Damn like I feel exactly where he’s coming from.’ I feel his struggles a lot of NBA Young Boy. Yeah, they’re considered street rappers those dudes are conscious as hell if you’re listening to some of the like the pain and then they’re putting in their records like I never been through what they’ve been through right you know what I mean so I’m getting it through them I’m learning that through them.”

Bas goes on to pump up hype for his upcoming collaboration with Gunna and explains why he believes Dreamville has the best rappers in the game right now in the nearly 45-minute video.

Watch the full interview below.