Battle Rap Loving Pastor Quotes Nu Jerzey Twork During Sermon: “I Drive By Too” 


Battle rappers do more than just shake rooms with their powerful lyrics, as one pastor proved recently, quoting Nu Jerzey Twork bars to send a message to his congregation.  

The Trenton, New Jersey rapper took to social media earlier this week to share a video featuring Pastor Michael Brown quoting bars from one of his battles. The lyrics came from his clash against Christian battle rapper Loso at Ultimate Rap League’s Civil War event in 2021.  

The pastor used the quote from Nu Jerzey Twork, whose own mother is also a pastor, to illustrate that people will go to extreme lengths to protect their loved ones.  

He told his church, “Nu Jerzey Twork – he said ‘When got a problem, I’m a slide right through/of course I walk by faith, but I drive by too.” 

The pastor added, “Some people need to know if they keep putting they mouth on you, of course I’ll walk by faith, but I’ll drive by too.” Check out the clip below and slide to see a snippet from Twork vs. Loso

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Nu Jerzey Twork praised the pastor in the caption, writing, “AMEN PASTOR!” Many other battle rappers also reacted to the video and shared their responses in the comment section.  

“Amen!,” Baltimore legend Tay Roc wrote. “I’m goin to his church this week.” Cortez said “Nah this is WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” adding a series of crying with laughter emojis.  

It’s not just the pastor who’s impressed by Nu Jerzey Twork. Kevin Durant recently gave the rapper his flowers and labeled him the GOAT.  

“Yo you really the best ever,” KD told Twork via IG Messenger back in June.