Beyonce ‘Cowboy Carter’ Album Released Internationally; Features Miley Cyrus & Post Malone


Beyonce’s much awaited new album Cowboy Carter has been released in select international markets.

With the clock being past midnight in markets like New Zealand and Australia, fans in those locations are lucky to be able to hear the album early. This means more details about the album are now available — Cowboy Carter is structured in the style of a country radio program named KNTRY Radio Texas.

Country music icons Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and Linda Martell act as DJs in the show. There are guest appearances from Post Malone (Levii’s Jeans) and Miley Cyrus (II Most Wanted) as well which were hidden from the tracklist reveal yesterday. The album has a total runtime of 1 hour & 18 minutes.

Bey can even be heard rapping on track #12, ‘Spaghettii’. Act II: Cowboy Carter serves as the next chapter of Beyoncé’s act trilogy.

Cowboy Carter Tracklist:

01. Ameriican Requiem
02. Blackbird (The Beatles Cover)
03. 16 Carriages
04. Protector
05. My Rose
06. Smoke Hour with Willie Nelson
07. Texas Hold ‘Em
08. Bodyguard
09. Dolly P
10. Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover)
11. Daughter
12. Spaghettii (feat. Shaboozey)
13. Alliigator Tears
14. Smoke Hour II
15. Just For Fun
16. II Most Wanted (feat. Miley Cyrus)
17. Levii’s Jeans (feat. Post Malone)
18. Flamenco
19. The Linda Martell Show
20. Ya Ya
21. Oh Louisiana
22. Desert Eagle
23. Riiverdance
24. II Hands II Heaven
25. Tytant
26. Sweet Honey Buckin’
27. Amen

Stream the album below if it’s midnight for you or otherwise, you should be able to listen to long snippets of all songs.