Beyoncé Fans Joke “Somebody’s Getting Fired” After 10-Minute Audio Snafu During Arizona Show 


Beyoncé fans at her Arizona concert experienced a ten-minute pause in the show after the mic cut out while the singer was performing.  


The singer remained professional throughout, with the snafu barely ruffling in her feathers as she gracefully walked offstage while the engineers fixed the audio. However, when concertgoers shared clips of the moment the mic cut, people online began joking that somebody was getting fired.  

“Beyoncé is gonna fire everyone,” one user wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “From the production to the stadium staff. Even the football players that use it. They’re all fired.” 

The jokes continued, with many users sharing the same sentiment. However, fans at the show patiently awaited her return, chanting the superstar’s name until she reappeared.  

Whether or not anybody lost their job, Beyoncé made a triumphant comeback following the brief delay. She restarted her performance of “Alien Superstar” with a bang. Beyoncé rose up from the stage after changing into a new costume, ready to continue the show.  

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the concert, Blue Ivy joined her mom, wearing her own fresh fit. The 11-year-old daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z has become a highlight of the Renaissance tour. Videos of her dancing with Bey to “My Power” have gone viral, and recreations of her dance moves are a fixture on TikTok.