Beyoncé Reveals What Happened After Blue Ivy Saw People Calling Her Dancing “Lackluster”


Blue Ivy got a lot of flak for her dancing during Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE Tour, with many calling her moves “robotic” and “lackluster.” In the new concert film named after the ambitious run, Beyoncé revealed how her daughter felt after catching wind of people’s reactions to her appearances alongside her famous mother. Instead of retreating in embarrassment, Beyoncé said it only made Blue Ivy want to work harder.

“Blue Ivy’s performance was only supposed to be a one-off, and even that took some negotiating,” Beyoncé said in the film. “She told me she was ready to perform, and I told her no.”

Although she ultimately gave in, Beyoncé noted how proud she was that her daughter didn’t let the comments get to her. Fans were quick to weigh in on this scene in the film, with one writing, “So Blue Ivy actually saw some of the terrible things GROWN ADULTS were saying about her and instead of giving up after what was supposed to be her only performance and at 1st against Beyoncés wishes, she decided to come back and end all you jobless heauxs, MULTIPLE TIMES!”

Blue Ivy performed several dance moves with her famous mother in May. The 11-year-old took the stage during a stop in Paris and quickly became a trending Twitter topic, with thousands of people weighing in on her surprise appearance. Par for the course, reactions were mixed. Many criticized the young girl, calling her “stiff,” while others came to her defense. One even compared her to her father JAY-Z’s apparent lack of athleticism.

“Dear Black Women, Blue Ivy is 11 years old performing for the first time in front of 80k people,” on person wrote. “Stop hyper-sexualizing her saying she’s too stiff or making inappropriate comments about her body. Y’all are no different than the men. She’s a child. Y’all acting like Pedos.”

Another added, “Blue Ivy is literally 11 years old and people expected her to perform like an experienced dancer? The kid was probably doing the 8 counts in her head trying not to mess up on a big stage with 80k people watching. She did an amazing job.”

Evidently Blue Ivy wasn’t bothered by the uproar and instead, decided to perfect her dance moves. Watch a clip below.