Birdman Caught In Violent Altercation With Druski In Menacing Video—But Is It Real?


It looks like the “Coulda Been Records” chain Birdman proudly displayed on social media was actually snatched from Druski during a violent altercation. TMZ obtained surveillance video of the Cash Money Records co-founder allegedly “pulling up” on the comedian, which shows a group of men getting in a scuffle.

At some point during the melee, Birdman winds up getting the chain from Druski’s neck. The confrontation took place on Friday night (November 10) at a Los Angeles studio, where Druski had just finished filming a segment of his reality show, Coulda Been House. In the clip, it looks like Birdman lunges at Druski but doesn’t actually make contact.

But considering we live in an age where staged antics for clout and attention are the norm, it’s possible they’re all just trolling everyone.  Nonetheless, Hurricane Chris took issue with the situation on Saturday (November 11) once Birdman posted the “Coulda Been Records” chain to his Instagram Stories, suggesting a fight had ensued.

“I grew up idolizing Cash Money as a hip hop artist to see how bro made a joke out of people that clearly are not to be joked with shows bro a real lame no talent just acting stupid for the camera I’m glad my daddy raised a solid stand up type cat we ain’t play around like Lil kids with adults even when we were kids at 16 I was more mature than these dudes are at 26,” the “A Bay Bay” rapper wrote. “You charlamagne wanna be cats gonna make somebody go to jail for life everybody don’t play games remember that Lil comedian cats some of us laugh at what happens next not the joke all I’m saying is okay with your peers and kids like u not mfs who really will see about you in real life.”

Hurricane Chris was met with ridicule for taking (what fans think was) a joke too seriously.