Hurricane Chris Roasted For Chiming In On Birdman & Druski’s Alleged Beef


Hurricane Chris evidently has a problem with anyone coming for Cash Money Records co-founder, Birdman. On Saturday (November 11), Birdman shared a post to his Instagram Stories with a “Coulda Been Records” chain and the caption, “Surprise Party B####. Slippin’ in Studio. Rich Gang,” which was supposedly snatched from comedian Druski.

The “A Bay Bay” rapper hopped in the comment section and wrote, “I grew up idolizing Cash Money as a hip hop artist to see how bro made a joke out of people that clearly are not to be joked with shows bro a real lame no talent just acting stupid for the camera I’m glad my daddy raised a solid stand up type cat we ain’t play around like Lil kids with adults even when we were kids at 16 I was more mature than these dudes are at 26.

“You charlamagne wanna be cats gonna make somebody go to jail for life everybody don’t play games remember that Lil comedian cats some of us laugh at what happens next not the joke all I’m saying is okay with your peers and kids like u not mfs who really will see about you in real life.”

Almost immediately, people began telling Hurricane Chris to “shut up” and reminded him Birdman and Druski were likely just playing around. Comments like, “I f### w u brah but this s### ain’t even that deep” and “Ain’t that deep tho homie. Don’t get me wrong I agree with what you saying but mfs need to learn to stay out they feelings like the hoes. Birdman rich as hell so tf he worried bout a comedian having fun and building his own legacy. Birdman don’t own the dollar sign nor the cent sign” quickly started littering the post.

Hurricane Chris has faced his own set of challenges over the years. In 2020, Louisiana prosecutors accused him of killing 32-year-old Danzeria O. Farris. Although he was ultimately found not guilty of second-degree murder, he’s still dealing with the fallout. Last month, he revealed he plans to file a civil lawsuit against the Shreveport Police Department.

“Everybody on the scene understood what happened, but when the detective got me downtown and started questioning me, he started off with, ‘Hey, you had a song on the radio, right?’” he told TMZ. “And then, from there, everything went downhill. I didn’t stand a chance. I lost over $1.4 million. I had a movie deal coming up. I signed to an acting agency before I was arrested. I lost the deal with the acting agency, one of the biggest agencies in Louisiana.”

Hurricane Chris went on to say his pending legal matter cost him the chance to audition for television shows such as FX’s Snowfall and STARZ’s BMF. He’s seeking compensation from the law enforcement agency. Watch the clip below.