Fans React to Whoopi Goldberg Returning to ‘The View’ With Folding Chair Necklace Honoring Montgomery Brawl


Elsewhere on The View, Goldberg reiterated that although the brawl spawned several hilarious moments, the point that people should take away from the violent melee is that people shouldn’t do harm to others if they don’t want to be hurt. 

“What we all take away from this is, if we don’t want to be hit, we do not hit other people. When somebody is doing their job, let them do their job,” she said.

Reggie Ray, who was responsible for swinging the chair, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. After the arrest, his lawyer opened a GoFundMe page to raise $300,000 “to offset the cost of certain damages incurred by my clients and others involved in responding to the chaos at the riverfront,” according to the page’s description. 

The rest of the description detailed the damages as “medical bills, lost wages/earnings, professional services, travel, lodging and expenses.”