Diddy’s Ex-Bodyguard Claims LAPD Was Behind Tupac’s Murder


One of Diddy’s former bodyguards accused the Los Angeles Police Department of orchestrating a coverup of Tupac Shakur’s murder. Gene Deal explained why he thought the LAPD was responsible for the late rapper’s death, connecting it to the Biggie Smalls murder in an interview with the Art of Dialogue.

“If Suge says, ‘If you solve one murder, you solve them both,’ I gotta go with the eyewitness,” Gene Deal said. “And I don’t know why would Suge say that when Keefe D says that it was him, Orlando and Dre and them in the car together. But why would Suge say, ‘If you solve one murder, you solve ‘em both.’”

He continued, “I just believe somebody was made to say something. And I hope the Vegas police department do their due diligence and get down to the bottom of it and make the truth come out.”

Tupac was fatally shot in Las Vegas in 1996. Earlier this year, Las Vegas police searched Keefe D’s home in an unexpected development in the murder investigation.

Keefe D’s nephew Orlando Anderson, who died in 1998, was long considered the main suspect in Tupac’s murder. Keefe D previously implicated his nephew, claiming he was in the vehicle with Anderson when the shooting occurred.

Gene Deal suggested Tupac was killed over money. Diddy’s ex-bodyguard believed an audit of Death Row Records led to Tupac’s death and an elaborate coverup of the murder.

“Some people were spending money that they shouldn’t have been spending,” Gene Deal said. “Some people were stealing money that shouldn’t have been stealing, some people had money that they shouldn’t have had. And I think if I heard correctly, Tupac put an audit in two weeks or three weeks prior to his murder and started firing people and trying to figure out where his money was at and where it was going. So now if you been stealing money, and you inside and everything can be connected to you, what are you gon’ do? Get this hothead in a situation.”

Gene Deal insisted Keefe D lied about Anderson shooting Tupac. The murder case officially remains unsolved.