Blac Chyna Quits OnlyFans, Announces Partnership With New ‘Female Empowerment’ Platform Passes


Blac Chyna is leaving OnlyFans to start a new partnership with Passes, a subscription-based platform where no nudity is allowed.

The 35-year-old model and TV personality announced the news Friday in a press release.

“I am so grateful to join Passes, a female-owned platform that lets me show my true self to better connect with my growing community,” Blac Chyna said. “The last year has been transformative for my mental and physical health, and I look forward to sharing more of that journey on Passes. My hope is that telling my story will help people feel less alone and more supported in whatever struggles they may be going through.”

Memberships to Blac Chyna’s account cost $9.99 per month, which grants the subscriber access to all her content, including “day in the life” ($6.99), workout ($3.99) and cooking ($3.99) packages.

Passes models itself as a “clean content platform,” where creators are given an opportunity to “connect with their fans through exclusive content and experiences” that includes memberships, fan calls, live streaming, paid messaging and more.

“We believe all creators are entrepreneurs and it’s our mission to help creators scale their communities and therefore, their businesses,” Lucy Guo, Founder and CEO of Passes, said in a statement. “At Passes, we understand that the best way to grow your brand and business is to be able to directly connect with your fans, so we strive to help turn them into superfans. We are thrilled to welcome Angela and her fans to the platform!”

Back in 2021, Chyna reportedly made $240 million on OnlyFans. According to research publisher Statista, Chyna, who launched her account in April 2020, raked in $20 million per month that year, making her the top-earning creator on the platform.