Blood Incantation Tease New Album, Share “Luminescent Bridge” Video: Watch


Denver death metal band Blood Incantation have teased that their next studio album will arrive soon. They’ve also shared an epic music video for their song “Luminescent Bridge.” The clip was helmed by director and visual effects artist Miles Skarin, who crafted cosmic visual effects, and Alex Pace, who shot the group in a Dune-like desert setting. Check it out below.

Blood Incantation released “Luminescent Bridge” last September as the B-side of a 12″ maxi single; the A-side featured the nine-minute “Obliquity of the Ecliptic.” The group issued its most recent full-length studio album, Timewave Zero, in February 2022.

Blood Incantation said in a press release that they were “compelled by a tangible air of creativity” while penning “Luminescent Bridge,” tracking the song with grand piano, trombone, electric guitar, drums, and synthesizers to “create a vast, dynamic tapestry of textures both alien and familiar.”

Discussing the new music video, Skarin stated:

When the Stargate Research Society asked us to help visualise a recent extrasolar communication they had received, we knew this would be a project of epic proportion. The data packet they sent to us from Colorado contained footage of Blood Incantation’s interstellar expedition to a distant star system. What we saw after decompressing the video stream blew us away, not only had they captured a beautiful cinematic exploration of the exoplanet’s sand dunes, but we can see their journey across the expanse of space was successful. Alex Pace’s cinematography from this location was stunning and provided us with everything we needed. Due to the solar radiation exposure, the data from the interstellar voyage was difficult to decipher, so we have used our artistic abilities in VFX and 3D animation to reconstruct the visual of crossing the Luminescent Bridge, first depicted by the artist Steve R Dodd.

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