Blueface Claims He Will Stop Being Mean To Chrisean Rock For Their Child’s Sake


Blueface vowed to be nicer to Chrisean Rock in the wake of her letting their baby’s head dangle while she shopped at Walmart. The controversial rapper offered support to the mother of his newborn via social media on Friday (September 22).

“I know she going thru some an it’s not easy no hood harder then parent hood so I’m not gone be mean to her no more cuz her mental state determines how my son day goes,” Blueface wrote. “let’s just encourage her to be more accountable an responsible this time around come on rock we got this I’m here.”

Blueface appeared to react to Chrisean Rock’s parenting struggles in a September 21 post, saying he was “just as surprised as y’all.” The next day, he said his comment was not in reference to the viral clip of her mishandling their child.

Chrisean Rock addressed the Walmart video on Instagram. She called out Blueface and opened up about parenthood.

“I feel like instead of that lady recording me, she could’ve just helped me,” Chrisean Rock said. “I got a dog, two carts full of s### I need for my house. I’m calling my baby daddy. Is he helping? No. So, I don’t know why he’s chiming in either … Everything is just overwhelming. I’m still learning. I love my baby. He’s a good baby.”

Chrisean Rock gave birth to her baby boy on September 3. Blueface was not present for their child’s birth.