Blueface Denies He’s In Protective Custody: “I Will Never Ever Go To PC” 


Blueface is adamantly denying rumors that he’s currently housed in protective custody amid reports he’s living it up behind bars. 

In his latest update call from jail the MILF Music founder addressed the reports but insisted, “You will never catch me,” in protective custody (PC). 

Putting it on his set, Blueface declared, “I will never, I repeat I will never ever go to PC.” 

Meanwhile, earlier this week, TMZ reported Blueface has his own cell and other benefits at the Los Angeles County Sheriff Men’s Central Jail, where he’s serving time for violating his probation. 

According to the outlet, Blueface is staying in the “administrative segregation area,” and is not housed with other inmates in general population. 

Elsewhere on the call, Blueface claimed victory after hearing his nemesis Soulja Boy walked back his recent threats.   

“I win again,” he said, adding, “I heard Soulja Boy apologizing. That s### was real, real respectful. That’s more like it.” 

He also rejected Soulja Boy’s offer to put money on his books and said he still wanted to fight. 

“I turned myself in fashionably late with $1000 in my pocket. You can keep that small change, but I still need that fade,” he added. “We gon’ do it like gentlemen and get that out the way. We ain’t getting no money, I done made enough off cuz for the rest of the year.” 

Soulja Boy must have caught wind of Blue’s remarks because he retracted his previous apology in a heated Instagram Live. In addition he upped the ante on his sexual assault threat, this time pledging $50,000 to have Blue attacked.