Blueface's 'Tattoo Or Leave' BGC Antics Earns Cult Comparisons


Blueface and his antics throughout the pandemic have raised plenty of red flags on social media. Not long after he was booted off Instagram for several violations of the social media platform’s terms of service, he launched the Blue Girls Club (BGC).

Now, fans are wondering if he’s established a cult. In a video clip making the social media rounds on Sunday (April 25), Blueface can be seen walking around the house announcing everyone in the house would be getting tattoos. The quick tour highlights a few of the girls in the BGC sleeping in bunk beds as Blueface bluntly states, “Tattoo or go home, which one is it?”

Each of the girls allegedly got tattoos of Blueface’s name akin to Chrisean Rock who got Blueface’s government name of Johnathan inked on the side of her face. Although Blueface claimed he had nothing to do with her decision, her choice of loyalty to the “Thotiana” rapper came not long after she starred in his quarantine reality show and got her front tooth knocked out by his ex-girlfriend.

The Blue Girls Club got highlight treatment in Blueface and DDG’s recent video for “BGC,” but it didn’t stop Twitter users from having a field day with Blueface’s latest round of antics.

“Dawg got the bunk beds like Heaven Gates in the crib,” one user wrote, comparing Blueface’s BGC to the Heaven’s Gate religious cult which ended with a mass suicide in 1997.

See more reactions to the BGC below.