Boosie Badazz Concerned Over Son Tootie Raww’s Smoking: “He Gon Turn Into A Weed Plant” 


Boosie Badazz is letting the world know how concerned he is about his son Tootie Raww’s weed-smoking habits. 

The Baton Rouge rapper shared his worries during an Instagram Live stream Thursday morning (December 28). After enquiring about his whereabouts, Boosie learned Tootie Raww was outside in his car smoking.  

“He gon’ turn into a weed plant,” Boosie commented. “He a weed plant with shoes on. Everything revolves around smoking.” 

Although he admitted, “I was just like that, I can’t talk,” Boosie was determined to have a talk with Tootie Raww. 

He went outside to the car where his son was sitting and opened the door to see him engrossed in his phone with a blunt in his hand.  

“The first thing you do in the morning, huh?” Boosie said, startling Tootie Raww, who had failed to notice his dad. “I ain’t even see you right there,” Tootie replied before Boosie told him it was because he was so “loaded.” 

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Boosie previously shared his fears about Tootie Raww “crashing out” over rapper beef. The 20-year-old made headlines last month when he called out NBA YoungBoy and Kodak Black for not clearing his features.   

“I wouldn’t know what to do if my son get a murder charge,” the father of eight told his followers. “I gotta stop him from crashing out. Then it worry me more all them lil n##### around him clutching. It’s easy for something to happen.”  

Meanwhile, Boosie put family first during the holidays, icing out his relatives for Christmas and reuniting with his mom after a family feud.