Boosie Badazz Gets More Bad News In San Diego Gun Case


Boosie Badazz has just received some bad news regarding his recent gun charge. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, a San Diego judge has denied his request to have the weapons charge dismissed. His attorney tried to use his constitutional right to bear arms, granted in the 2nd Amendment as a viable reason for the case to be dropped.


His lawyers went on to invoke the Supreme Court’s landmark 2022 Bruen decision, which states that it’s unconstitutional to prohibit a convicted non-violent felon from possessing a firearm.

The judge decided there’s no past example in the Southern District of California or the 9th Circuit that supports allowing people with criminal records to have guns and go against existing laws that control this.

“Nothing in Mr. Hatch’s motion persuades this Court that these holdings are incorrect or that the Court otherwise has the right to disregard binding Ninth Circuit precedent here,” District Judge Cathy Bencivengo wrote in her order denying the musician’s motion.

This isn’t the first time his lawyers have said the courts violated his constitutional rights. As previously, reported, Boosie said his First Amendment rights were violated because he galvanized his supporters online and talked about the criminal justice system on social media.

His attorney Damon Alimouri said he believes his client is being singled out because he’s famous. He also said the recording artist’s big voice is an issue for the court.

“I think some of this has to do that he’s quote outspoken on social media,” Alimouri said. “Ultimately, Boosie has a First Amendment right.”