Boosie Badazz Says He’s Suing Rod Wave For “Everything” After Negotiations Collapsed 


Boosie Badazz claims his attempts to settle a dispute with Rod Wave over the use of his lyrics failed, and now he’s plowing ahead with a lawsuit.  

Last month, Boosie threatened legal action, but Wave said they could avoid a lawsuit if the Baton Rouge native gave him “a real number.” However, in an Instagram Live Thursday (November 30), Boosie claims he and Rod Wave got on the phone to negotiate but failed to reach an agreement.  

“I told dude, ‘Give me two hundred thousand and 25% of the record going forward and I’m not gone sue you or nothing bro,’” Boosie said of his conversation with Wave.   

He explained that he thought the deal was fair as Wave already profited from the song and said the beef “made people choose sides in the industry,” which further cost him.  

“This dude thought I was gone tell him two million,” Boosie added. Nonetheless, he claims Wave tried to bargain him down, offering to “meet you halfway with one fifty.”  

Boosie refused to budge, telling Wave, “I got to get the 200,” adding, ” I’m already spending 30 with my lawyer to sue you.” 

He continued, “I tried to work with that dude. Now when the suit come, you gone pay me for emotional damages, Instagram… everything.”  Check out the clip below.

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Earlier this week, Boosie revealed his threats to sue Rod Wave and other artists has earned him a newfound respect in the music industry.  

“What I did was a big step for me,” Boosie said on Instagram Live. “Now, people are respecting me. Now, the industry respecting me as a businessman … People calling me like, ‘Boosie, man, I’m trying to do this.’ Man, let’s do it. I be happy as a m###########.”