Bounce Beat Black Powers Arises In “Agatha Hex”

F0462A90-F891-496B-9F1E-27B41ED31622 Bounce Beat Black Powers Arises In “Agatha Hex”

Upbeat and flaunty, Bounce Beat black’s latest single is a vibe. The visual is full of vibrant effects that capture the eyes of viewers with every watch. Lime green effects decorate the screen which juxtaposes the gritty tone of the scenes well.

It’s a smooth preview to his upcoming project ‘Can I Vent?’ set to drop soon. It will explore multiple sides of Black’s personality and be a voice for Black men worldwide. A powerful premise that he hopefully can deliver to a mass audience very soon.

His natural musical aptitude from being in the Washington D.C. Go-Go scene helps him communicate messages vividly and creatively. His upcoming project will showcase his full talents which invigorates excitement.

In the meantime to satisfy his fans anticipation, “Agatha Hex” can be played on all platforms. Be careful not to accidentally tap into your superpowers due to over watching the video! It sure is catchy to the eyes.