Bow Wow Calls On Record Labels To Stop Pushing “Subpar” Artists And Bring Back Artist Development 


Bow Wow is calling on record labels to bring back artist development, accusing execs of pushing “subpar” artists before they’re ready. 

The rapper and actor took to social media Monday in a lengthy rant against the labels.  

“Can we please bring back artist development at these labels,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “Do these labels even care about these artist? Yall be throwing them on platforms knowing they not ready.” 

Bow Wow then compared the music industry to boxing, suggesting labels should prepare artists to ready them for the industry.  

“A boxer is trained and taught before battle,” he added. ”We just keep throwing these subpar ass artist out here with no proper teaching.” 

The “Ain’t Thinkin’ ‘Bout You” hitmaker continued, ” They cant talk. I don’t understand wtf they saying. Be dry as hell in interviews. Yall know i take the stage serious! I dont even wanna get on they stage presence. Rapping over vocals s### is sloppy out here man. We gotta clean this s### up. Get better or get tf out the way.” 

According to Bow Wow, labels are pushing artists, but not the ones deserving of a shot.  

“Its too many real ones out here on the come up like symba west side boogie,” he continued. “i can name so many more lady london, lola like new artist that GOT IT! who deserve the push… but instead … man im done even speaking on it haha s### be getting me hot.” 

He also called for labels to ”Stop pushing that bs on us!” before warning, “fans are waking up and hip hop is about to change for the better.” 

Check out Bow Wow’s comments on artist development below.