Brody Jenner Makes ‘Friggin’ Delicious’ Coffee Using Fiancé’s Breast Milk


Brody Jenner isn’t shying away from admitting he enjoys a cup of coffee that includes his fiancé Tia Blanco’s breast milk.

In a new video posted to Brody and Tia’s YouTube channel, Jenner discussed using Tia’s “delicious” breast milk to spruce up the couple’s coffee.

“I just came out to make us both some coffee and we are out of almond milk, but I did find one thing,” Brody said. “Now I hear great things about breast milk, I hear it’s very nutritious, I hear it’s very delicious. I think it will do.”

Brody continued by describing how he asked Blanco if she was against drinking a couple of coffee with her own breast milk.

“Sorry to disturb you, but we are out of almond milk, do you mind if we use the breast milk that I put in the fridge last night?” Jenner asked Blanco in the video.

She replied, “No I think it will be really good for you.”

“It’s frigging delicious,” Brody added, before taking a sip.