Cann Zeka Introduces Himself In Style To The World With Debut Track “Mirror Mirror”


Cann Zeka is a name to be on the lookout for. The artist who has just released his new single “Mirror Mirror,” is displaying his vivid creativity and immense potential for the first time on this debut single that was imagined as a symbol of the fight between the devil and the angel, and the yin and yang. 

A song filled with electronic vibes harmoniously blended with Hip-Hop bars, “Mirror Mirror” is an eclectic track by an extremely talented soul. Cann Zeka impressively sets the tone for his upcoming projects, offering a singular musical and emotional connection through his sound with the listener. 

An open minded vision of sound has often been the main element of legendary artists’ success, and this is exactly what Cann Zeka is showcasing on “Mirror Mirror,” by blending two seemingly far away genres; Hip-Hop and electronic music. 

The free spirited verses dropped consistently from start to finish on “Mirror Mirror” also highlight Cann Zeka’s penchant for meticulously crafted songwriting and execution, as well as a strikingly detailed-approach when it comes to the final production of his sounds.