Cardi B Offers Fans A Whiff Of Her World With “Scratch And Sniff” CD Covers Rubbed On Her Body Parts 


Cardi B is giving some lucky owners of her new single a little piece of herself, including her DNA, after licking various single covers and rubbing others on her body parts.  

Over the weekend, the NYC icon announced she was reuniting with “WAP” collaborator Megan Thee Stallion on “Bongos,” due to arrive later this week (September 8).  

Cardi B got busy signing limited edition CD and DVD video covers to prepare for the drop. However, a lucky few will receive a lot more than just her signature.  

Ever the multi-tasker, the “Jealousy” hitmaker worked while chatting with her fans on Instagram Live.  

“Y’all want scratch and sniff videos? Hold on,” she added before rubbing one of the DVD covers between her legs.  

“Y’all want a signed scratch and sniff video?” she asked while brushing another cover on her breasts. “This one smells like t######.” 

Cardi B continued signing the “scratch and sniff covers” while updating fans on their apparently distinct scents. “This one smells like p###,” she said before adding, “This one smells like ass cheek.” 

Cardi B then decided it wasn’t enough for fans to merely receive her scratch and sniff scent; she wants them to have her saliva too. She signed another batch of sleeves, but this time, Cardi gave each one a lick.  

Check out the video below. 

Elsewhere during the live stream, Cardi B revealed that the raunchy cover art belies the song’s actual content. “Bongos” comes with two sizzling cover images featuring the rap stars in barely there, brightly colored bodysuits, reminiscent of their classic 2020 collab “WAP.” 

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However, according to Cardi B, the song carries a very different theme. “Bongos” arrives this Friday (September 8) at 12 a.m. ET.  

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