Cardi B Responds to Backlash Over $88,000 Purse


Cardi B is under fire after asking her Twitter followers if she should buy an $88,000 purse.

“Should I spend 88K for this damn purse?” the “WAP” rapper tweeted on Sunday. “Omggg it’s tempting.”

But her tweet did not fare well on social media as Twitter users ripped her for publicizing such a lavish purchase when people are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. Cardi was quick to shut them down and defend herself, noting her many charitable deeds which amount to $2 million this year alone.

“I already donated 2 million dollars this year and I’m doing something very special in a another country that will be done with next year.What have you donated ?” she told one critic.

She and Fashion Nova donated $1 million to help those affected by COVID-19 and she also donated 20,000 meal supplements to frontline workers at New York City hospitals. Additionally, she gave $1 million to fans through Cash App two months ago.

She has also been supporting her family members. “Also I got 7 uncles an 3 aunts on my daddy side,9 aunts and 3 uncles on my momma side a whole bunch of cousins I had to help cause of the pandemic,” she said. “If I want to splurge I can with out yall asking for hand outs like me and my husband don’t do so.Thank you.”

After being urged to donate the money instead, she issued a challenge to her followers. In return for them donating to charitable organizations, she vowed to match their contributions.

“Okay let’s do this challenge! Since ya want to tell me to donate soo much …Drop receipts on what YOU have donated too,” Cardi tweeted. “I will match it and donate to a organization you have donate as well.LETS START NOW!”

And she made no apologies for tweeting about her $88,000 purse. “I didn’t offended no body, didn’t do nothing illegal. Im not going to apologize because I work my ass off and I ask MY FANS!” she said before later recanting. “Ok guys I apologize.There you happy ?! I don’t see ya askin trump for a apology when he out here missing COVID meetings to play golf but…”

And in the end, she decided to buy the $88,000 bag. “Definitely buying the bag now,” she added.

Despite the controversy, Cardi continues to win. She was recently crowned Billboard’s Woman of the Year and Pitchfork and Rolling Stone named her Megan Thee Stallion-assisted hit “WAP” the best song of 2020.