Cardi B “Shook” At Meeting Patti LaBelle For Festive Dessert Campaign   


Patti LaBelle and Cardi B have joined forces in a seasonal partnership, uniting their dessert brands for the holidays. 

The R&B/soul legend is pairing her Good Life pies with the NYC rap icon’s alcoholic whipped cream Whipshots for a sweet, festive combo. Despite meeting for the first time, Patti LaBelle said she felt like she and Cardi B were “supposed to be together” for a long time. 

“I’ve been her mother in my mind for a long time because she’s just all that and a bag of chips,” LaBelle told PEOPLE. And I’m all that and a bag of chips.” 

The “Bongos” hitmaker admitted she felt “like I’m not worthy” and “shook” to meet LaBelle. “I’m super starstruck. I’m on my best behavior,” she added.  

“Oh, don’t be on your best behavior with me because I’m really bad,” Patti LaBelle replied, prompting Cardi to joke, “I will be doing splits on these tables.” 

The campaign ad shows Patti LaBelle greeting Cardi B with a warm embrace before the duo whipped up some pie and cream combinations with glasses of wine in hand.  

LaBelle initially questioned Cardi’s sweet potato pie and pumpkin cream suggestion. “They make love together. You gotta trust me on this one,” Cardi insisted as Labelle tasted the treat. “You were right,” she replied. Check out the teaser below.  

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