Chance the Rapper Releases Powerful DJ Premier-Produced Single “Together”


Chance the Rapper, renowned for his innovative approach to music and storytelling, has once again captured hearts with his latest release, “Together.” Produced by the legendary DJ Premier, this soul-stirring track celebrates the home-front while presenting a rallying cry to protect it.

The self-directed visual for “Together” centers on lyrics of reminiscence and pride, set against a backdrop of vintage personal home videos and archival footage from community-led political movements through history. Nostalgic clips of block club parties, barbecues, and Black Panther rallies highlight the varying nature of Black communal spaces.

In the first verse, Chance underscores the importance of the community built within the home, while the second verse looks outward, emphasizing the significance of organizing with neighbors. Themes of housing justice, displacement, and gentrification are woven throughout the record.


In a bold move, Chance explicitly calls for a community benefits agreement from former President Barack Obama regarding the development of the new Presidential Library in the residential neighborhood of South Shore in Chicago, IL.

“‘Together’ is really a call to action for Housing Justice in Chicago and abroad,” Chance the Rapper said. “It’s one of the key themes of the Star Line project, and for this song I wanted to try to paint that point with nostalgia rather than trauma.

“Losing granny’s house is a fear and reality a lot of us deal with and instead of lingering on the negatives of that reality I wanted to highlight why those spaces are so important: they’re where we build memories, move family when they need somewhere to stay, raise our kids, do hospice. All of it.”

“Together” is more than just a song; it is a poignant commentary on the necessity of preserving and protecting communal spaces. Chance the Rapper’s latest release continues to solidify his role as an artist deeply connected to his community and committed to advocating for social justice.