Chance the Rapper Steps Outside With New Video “Stars Out”


Chance the Rapper, the renowned Grammy Award-winning artist known for his innovative and independent approach to music and storytelling, drops new music video “Stars Out.” The track showcases Chance’s distinctive lyrical prowess and his unyielding authenticity. Both the music video and the lyrics of “Stars Out” depict Chance stepping into his own, flexing his signature style and delivering a powerful performance that underscores his status as a leading figure in the rap scene. 

Last month, Chance released a DJ Premier-produced single “Together” alongside a self-directed visual. The soul-stirring track both celebrates the Chicago home-front, while also presenting a rallying cry to protect it. The music video centers on lyrics of reminiscence and pride, against a backdrop of vintage personal home video and archival footage from community-led political movements through history. Housing Justice, displacement, and gentrification are alluded to throughout the record and Chance explicitly calls for a community benefits agreement from former President Barack Obama in the development of the new Presidential Library in the residential neighborhood of South Shore in Chicago, Il.