Chris Brown Drops $100K On Magnetic 24-Karat Gold Grills


Chris Brown has treated himself to a six-figure, all-gold mouth courtesy of celebrity dentist, Thomas Connelly.

As of July, the singer is the proud owner of 24-karat gold grills covering all of his 28 teeth, but what sets them apart from others is a magnetic retention design that won’t affect the way he speaks. According to TMZ, the grills are worth $100,000.

“@chrisbrownofficial showing of his new gold grills by me @connellydds,” Connelly wrote on Instagram. “These grills are 100% 24kt gold covering all 28 teeth. What makes these grills unique is their magnetic retention design. Breezy had 9 magnetic embedded gold crowns placed on all his back molars. This allows the grills to fit and lock in the magnets with precision on the fronts of all the teeth.”

He continued, “The magnets not only make the grills super secure but they allow less metal that usually covers the inside of the teeth. With no metal covering the inside of the teeth, Chris can sing and speak normally while wearing an entire set of grills.”

Chris Brown isn’t the only artist to drop big money on dental work with Thomas Connelly in 2021. In June, Post Malone spent a whopping $1.6 million on natural porcelain veneers with two diamond fangs, which included 28 units of ceramic restoration and a diamond weight of 12 carats.

“Post Malone completed his $1,600,000 smile reconstruction last weekend!!” Connelly said at the time. “With a smile that shows off natural Porcelain Veneer work framed with 2 Diamond Fangs with a total weight of 12 Carats, Post Malone literally has $1 million smile!!!

“A collaborative between Dr. Connelly, @_naoki_hayashi_, along with Isaac Bokhoor and his team of Diamond Cutters @bichachi_diamonds_la and Setters @angelcityjewelers, Post Malone’s epic ICE smile has set a new precedent in the music world of who has the most ‘Drip.’”

On the music side, Chris Brown most recently collaborated with Pop Smoke on “Woo Baby” off the Brooklyn rapper’s posthumous album Faith, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. The song has racked up 9.6 million Spotify streams and 9.4 million YouTube streams to date.