Chris Rock Refuses To Speak On Will Smith Oscars Slap As He Arrives In Boston For Sold-Out Shows


Boston, MA – At this point, anyone paying attention to pop culture knows Will Smith smacked the hell out of Chris Rock during the 94th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday night (March 27). The internet hasn’t stopped buzzing about the wild incident and the memes will live on for years to come.

But while Will Smith has since apologized to the legendary comedian, Rock has yet to speak publicly on the incident — and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. On Wednesday (March 30), Rock landed in Boston ahead of his Ego Death Tour, which is expected to kick off next month. As he was leaving the airport, a photog asked if he was willing to answer a few questions (likely about the Oscars slap) and Rock completely ignored him, according to footage obtained by TMZ. 

Ticket sales for Chris Rock’s tour have skyrocketed since the “slap heard around the world.” All five shows in Boston are sold out and scalpers are asking for exorbitant amounts of money to get in.

While Chris Rock hasn’t broken his silence, his brother Tony has. During an impromptu Twitter Q&A, he was asked if he approved of Smith’s apology to which he replied, “No.”

Diddy claimed the two Hollywood stars promptly made up after the Oscars, but sources close to Rock refuted the notion. On the heels of the former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star’s official apology, a purported apology from Chris Rock to Pinkett, Smith and the rest of their family started making the rounds, but Rock’s team quickly shut that down.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter‘s Senior Film Editor Rebecca Keegan, “Chris Rock has not yet issued a statement. There is a statement going around purporting to be from Rock that is not from him, per his team. It’s the one that starts, ‘As a comedian it can be difficult to understand…’”

There’s no telling when Chris Rock will speak on the matter, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he addressed it during one of his routines.