Chrisean Rock Addresses Viral Baby Dangling Video at Walmart: ‘Everybody Makes Mistakes’ (UPDATE)


Blueface’s mom also questioned Rock’s choice to go to Walmart and suggested that if she had gone to Target instead, she might have received assistance rather than being recorded by bystanders.

“I don’t know why my kids out here running around with goddamn weirdos…People who write on themselves is at the Walmart,” she continued. “What was wrong with the Stater Bros. or Target? The muthafuckas who write on themselves wasn’t gonna be in there and pull out the camera and make you look stupid.”

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Chrisean Rock is breaking her silence about a viral video of her with her newborn son.

In the clip, Rock is seen walking through a Walmart as her baby son’s head is dangling while in a carrier. The child, whom she shares with Blueface, did not appear to have his head properly cradled and left some concerned on social media that the 23-year-old might be experiencing postpartum depression.