Chrisean Rock Explodes On Summer Walker Over Impersonation Video, Accuses Singer Of Being A Clout-Chasing Fan 


Chrisean Rock has slammed Summer Walker, accusing her of being a clout-chasing “goofy” over a viral TikTok video the singer made impersonating the reality TV starlet. 

The tension began when Walker shared a video mocking Rock’s Walmart controversy when she was filmed misusing her baby carrier. While she initially responded to the backlash by removing the TikTok and telling fans to get a sense of humor, the target of her jokes failed to see the funny side.  

The Baddies South star took to Instagram Live Thursday (October 26) to say she was “hurt” and “triggered” by the video. Chrisean Rock explained that Summer Walker could have used her “influence” to do “a positive thing.” She further accused Walker of mocking someone who “really got clout” and said she reached out to her behind the scenes.  

Nonetheless, things soon took a turn for the worse. Rock returned to social media a short time later, exposing their DMs while dragging Walker in another Instagram live video.  

She referred to the “Girls Need Love” hitmaker as the “b#### that joined the hate train,” before unloading.  

“I aint making no mockery of you having three f###### kids, no man and a f#####-up BBL,” she said. “Check your life before you start f###### playing with other people. Then y’all acting like I won’t beat the s### out of anybody that cross my path, Stop playing with me.” 

Rock then shared an alleged screen recording of their private messages and added a message to Walker. “I also handled the situation with grace” she wrote on the video.  But I just realized you a fan a goofy bih.”

However, Chrisean Rock has since deleted her post after receiving a text from an unidentified sender advising her to do so.