Chris Brown Faces Lawsuit From British Man Claiming Singer Hit Him With Bottle And Stomped On Him 


Chris Brown is in legal hot water, facing a lawsuit from a British man who accused the singer of viciously attacking him in a London nightclub. 

The R&B singer was in London during his U.K. tour when a brawl reportedly broke out at The Tape Club in London’s Mayfair on February 19.

Producer Abe Diaw alleged Brown hit him with a bottle repeatedly in an unprovoked attack before stomping on him while he lay on the ground.  

In the lawsuit, Diaw claims Chris Brown began by pounding him in the head with a tequila bottle, per TMZ. The “crushing blow” caused him to lose consciousness. However, the alleged victim says the assault didn’t end there. Diaw claims Chris Brown then stomped on him as he lay on the floor.  

According to the filing, Diaw claims Brown inflicted serious injuries and he had to be hospitalized. Diaw says he suffered cuts to his head and torn ligaments in his leg.  

London police have surveillance footage of the entire incident, Diaw claims. He also claims to have known Chris Brown for at least seven years and can identify him in the video. According to the producer, Brown is considered a fugitive in the U.K. as a result of the alleged incident. 

Brown’s accuser says he mistakenly believed the singer was coming to hug him when he approached with the bottle. Diaw is suing Chris Brown for damages, claiming he’s suffering serious emotional distress, trauma and possible permanent injuries.  

Back in May, a source told The Sun: “Chris knows he will be arrested if he goes back to the U.K. but is still doing everything he can to avoid it.”