Post Malone Purchases $2.654M ‘One Ring’ Magic: the Gathering Card From Toronto Man


The clip only briefly covers moments of their meet-up but Post Malone does say “Yeah, I’ll take it” before the two hug it out.

Trafton then confirmed with CBC News that he sold the card for $2.64 million, though he had yet to quit his day job.

“This to me would be, you know, just setting myself up for the future, investing in something. And once I feel like I can no longer work or maybe I want to try something else, I can,” he told the publication.

Malone met up with Trafton when he was in Toronto for a concert.

The artist had previously spent $800,000 for a card per his comments on the Howard Stern Show in 2022.

Malone is back with a new album, Austin.