Chrisean Rock Plans To Press Charges On Blueface After He Shared Nude Photo Of Son 


Chrisean Rock is threatening to take legal action and press charges against Blueface after he posted a photo of their newborn son’s genitals on social media. 

 The “Thotiana” hitmaker shared the image on X (formerly Twitter) earlier this week after accusing the reality TV starlet of missing appointments for their baby’s hernia surgery.  

On Tuesday (September 26), Chrisean addressed the incident during an Instagram Live and revealed she plans to press charges.  

“Y’all right. This is what I get,” Chrisean stated. “Because I gave a n#### the benefit of the doubt to be a dad, to also just expose his son for pleasure. What do you think people gon’ do with that picture?…It’s our son, but you treating it like it’s my son. If it was your son, I wouldn’t think you would post your son penis like that. Then you think it ain’t gon’ get serious. Bro, you’re going to go to jail.” 

She continued: “And I’m pressing charges. Yea, I’m doing all that, bro. I don’t need no money, no child support, but I’m pressing charges. You wanna play this police game, OK.” 

Although he initially said he shared the image and exposed his son’s medical issue to trigger Chrisean Rock into taking action, Blueface changed his tune the following day amid social media backlash. He deleted many of his posts and claimed somebody hacked his account.  

“My phone was stolen yesterday I just got a new one guys,” he claimed on Tuesday. “Im back my twitter was hacked.”