Clip of Rich Paul Saying He and Adele Are in a ‘Good Space’ When Being Asked If They’re Married Goes Viral


Rich Paul‘s October interview with CBS Mornings, which saw him being asked about his relationship with Adele, has gone viral this week.

The sports agent, 41, stopped by the show while promoting his memoir Lucky Me. During a chat with hosts Gayle King, Nate Burleson, and Tony Dokoupil, Paul was asked about his relationship status with the 30 singer. Adele, 35, has previously referred to Paul as her “husband.”

This week, however, the clip resurfaced on X (Twitter), sparking reactions.

The line of questioning started when King asked, “I also want to know about Adele… Only because Adele has said in the audience that my husband is here, I’m a wife. Would you just like to clarify? Would you like to share with the class? What would you like us to know?  

Paul responded: “You know, Gayle, I don’t really talk about my personal life publicly but if I’m going to give anybody some tea… It’s going to be [you].”

He continued: “She’s been great… I think she would agree that we’ve definitely helped each other. I’m in a good space… We’re in a good space. Happy… She’s superb.”

Dokoupil tried to throw Paul a line, giving the Klutch Sports Group CEO another chance to clarify whether the two were married. “We’ve been great for each other,” Paul responded.

He continued, “It’s not for the media. It’s not for paparazzi. It’s for us.”

King tried harder to get Paul to fess up, asking, “When I see her, should I say ‘Hi, Mrs. Paul?'”

With a laugh, Paul replied, “You can say whatever you want.”