Curious How Normani And Rosalía Ended Up In The 'WAP' Video? Thank Patientce Foster


Patientce Foster has made a name for herself by making names for others — and become a star along the way. The North Carolina-born, Delaware-raised publicist began representing Cardi B when she was just 26 and, in a few years under her guidance, the rapper would appear on multiple TV shows, grace the covers of Rolling Stone and New York magazine, and ascend to the top of the Billboard charts with a debut single. A serial entrepreneur who started her first business selling homemade magazines in the sixth grade, Foster’s journey is a clear example that real success takes hard work and dedication.

In the premiere episode of “The Method,” a new MTV News documentary series introducing the creative forces behind some of the biggest artists working today, Foster explains that her winning recipe is a mixture of calculated effort and a confident personality. “People equate my success to luck,” she tells correspondent Dometi Pongo. “Like, I was lucky or my client was lucky, and we just, like, stumbled on this success, and the way it worked out for us was just, like, this fairytale. [There’s] so much more to becoming a symbol of success. It’s very little about what you look like, it’s very much about who you are.”

But a collaborative vision is equally important, as Foster learned firsthand working as the creative director for “WAP,” Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s slickest song of the summer. “Cardi knew what type of video she wanted to create,” she says. “She knew that the song has to come out with the visual. She knew she wanted colors. She told us she wanted animals. She wanted prints, patterns. She wanted multiple sets.” Cardi also wanted a solid crew of all-star performers that included Kylie Jenner, Normani, Rubi Rose, Rosalía, and more to bring the celebration of women’s bodies and pleasure to a crescendo.

“This is the era of the woman,” Foster adds. “You know, we sat down, we developed this list of individuals and I literally woke up every morning going after every person on that list.” She says she texted Kris Jenner, “Good morning, beautiful,” for two weeks straight. “You know, pride to the side, I have a job to do, and I like to deliver, and I like to over-deliver… We were able to really pull together a cast of diverse, successful women.” Learn more about Foster’s creative process and how she helped bring “WAP” to life by watching “The Method” below.