Cypress Hill’s B-Real Checks Steve Harvey’s Hip Hop Hypocrisy: ‘Fuck That Dude’


Cypress Hill frontman B-Real is well aware comedian/game show host Steve Harvey isn’t a big fan of Hip Hop. During a new interview with Tony A. Da Wizard’s Roadium Radio show, the famed cannabis connoisseur explained why he takes issue with some of the comments Harvey has previously made about the genre.

The conversation begins with B-Real saying Harvey was once hired at 92.3 The Real in Los Angeles to compete with veteran host Big Boy and Power 106 for the “Home of Hip Hop” title, but he immediately knew it was a bad idea.

“We knew him before he came through, obviously, because he was a famous comedian,” he says toward the end of the clip. “But, we also knew him because he was overtly against Hip Hop. He would speak against it, ‘Man, fuck that shit ain’t music. Y’all don’t know how to talk to women and y’all be disrespecting the women and all this violent shit.’ Like just keying in on all the negative and not the positives.”

B-Real adds, “This is where Hip Hop lives and you gotta guy that is shitting on Hip Hop every fucking chance he gets. And he still does to this day. Every chance he gets, he will dog Hip Hop.”

The way B-Real sees it, Hip Hop has saved countless lives by providing an alternate route to drug dealing and gang banging, including his own. Anyone who criticizes the genre will get no love from the Latino Hip Hop pioneer. And according to B-Real, Harvey spoke ill of Hip Hop following the Earth Wind & Fire and Isley Brothers Verzuz event earlier this month.

“He went out of his way to dog Hip Hop [after the event],” he continues. “‘You see Hip Hop ain’t got this type of swag and blah, blah, blah. You ain’t gon’ see fly songs like this on some Hip Hop.’ You know, constantly shitting on our genre. So, for me, I’m always like fuck that dude. He ain’t even that funny.”


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In a recent interview with The Artist & The Athlete podcast, B-Real talked about his former life as a Bloods gang member and how Hip Hop provided the escape he needed.

“I ran with Bloods and that’s different for someone like me,” he said. “Someone like me would usually run with with the Mexican gang or something like that some half-Mexican, so it’s a little bit tougher for me being a Latino and a Black gang and Blood gang. It was craziness.

“But truth be told, when I got into the music, they didn’t necessarily make me choose, you know, it’s either this or that. The way I departed from that life was I told my close group of friends within our neighborhood, ‘Hey, this is what I’m going to do.’ And they said, ‘Hey, we got you go ahead and do that shit.’”

Since then, B-Real has gone on to build a comfortable life for himself. Not only is he part of the pioneering Hip Hop group Cypress Hill, Serial Killers and formerly Prophets of Rage, he’s also the host of his The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast and owner of multiple dispensaries in the Los Angeles area.

Despite B-Real’s disdain for Steve Harvey, he did say he’d be open to having him as a guest on The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast so he can get to the bottom of his issues with Hip Hop. Until that happens, check out B-Real’s comments above.