DaBaby Drops Defiant 'Giving What It's Supposed To Give' Video – & Gets Backed By 50 Cent


DaBaby is not letting the latest controversy surrounding him stop him from getting his music out to the masses. On Wednesday (July 28), the Charlotte, North Carolina native dropped a brand new single and video titled “Giving What It’s Supposed To Give,” and it’s clear DaBaby doesn’t give a damn about cancel culture

The video opens with DaBaby attending the funeral of a police officer who seemed to have a history with him. DaBaby looks as if he’s about to give his condolences but flips everything upside down when he spits his chewing gum at the officer. 

DaBaby then takes fans on a wild ride through a prison riot, a woman giving him oral sex, and the rapper pointing a gun at the paparazzi. The music video was filmed a day before DaBaby’s controversial performance at Rolling Loud Miami, and the rapper directed it himself. 

“These n-ggas beefin’ for IG, but bitch, I want to kill/Kept gettin’ blessed, ’cause bitch, I hustled, I ain’t wanna steal/I’ll whip this bitch out now in front of all these cameras, n-ggas know what it is,” DaBaby rapped to open his verse. 

Later on, DaBaby had a few lines regarding AIDS, a move that fans are dragging the rapper even more for, given the song’s timing with his performance at Rolling Loud.  

“The DA asked me for a picture, I wore Dior to my last court date/N-gga ask if I got a pass, I tell ’em, ‘No way’ (No way)/Bitch, we like AIDS, I’m on your ass, we on your ass, bitch, we won’t go ‘way (Go ‘way),” he said. 

50 Cent gave a co-sign to DaBaby recently, and when he caught wind of the new video, the Queens legend voiced his support for his new friend. 50 took to Instagram and praised DaBaby with a post telling fans to go watch the video. DaBaby also left a lengthy message on his own page regarding the entire situation he put himself in. According to the DaBaby, the universe was working in his favor, and he’s doing God’s work.


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Despite giving apologies regarding his homophobic rant targeting the LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS communities, DaBaby continues to brush things off as if he’s not public enemy number one at the moment. On Wednesday (July 28), one of DaBaby’s fashion collaborators, boohooMAN, ended their working relationship with him. DaBaby took to Instagram to leave his opinion with a video of him dodging the sneaker someone threw at him over the weekend. 

“NO WEAPON FORMED,” he wrote. “This how I bob n weave anything sent to destroy me. Check my resume and sit back. #MySoulAintForSale.”