Damian Lillard Could Be A Los Angeles Laker By NBA Trade Deadline


Damian Lillard could be making his way to the Los Angeles Lakers this season—and here’s why. For all of my casual NBA followers, Lillard announced his desire to be traded to either the Miami Heat or Los Angeles Lakers earlier this year following the Portland Trailblazer’s disappointing season. While Miami has been tentatively billed as his preferred destination, it would be foolish to count out LeBron “LeGM” James’ influence to potentially sway the star point guard to join their squad.

If I’m being honest, the likelihood of that trade going down in the current climate isn’t ideal. For starters, multiple trade packages from the likes of the Heat have already been declined. Not to mention the Lakers are nearly capped out after blockbuster acquisitions of players such as Cam Reddish and Christian Wood, who agreed to multi-year deals—and, of course, Anthony Davis accepting the richest salary for any big man in the league currently amid his contract negotiations this summer.

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With that said, I think Lillard wants to be a Laker and, realistically, that’s all that needs to happen in order for the pieces to be put in motion to make the move happen. The main reason behind my claim lies in Lillard’s recent appearance on the “Back On Figg” podcast. In addition to discussing multiple topic including his new album Don D.O.L.L.A., Lillard took some time to break down the 2020 NBA bubble championship. In the process, he may have just ousted high respect for the Lakers’ organization seemingly in an attempt to lobby himself on the roster.

“It was like, that was the best version of me up until that point so I don’t understand what people mean when they say they don’t credit it—I feel like it would’ve been hard to win that because people was fresh.” he said. If you’ll recall, the Trailblazers and Lakers faced off in an intense first-round series in which LeBron and co. bested Lillard’s squad 4-1 in the seven game series. Make no mistake, though, Lillard played some of the best basketball I’ve ever seen throughout that entire series and the bubble in general—posting back-to-back 50-point outings in multiple do-it-all efforts for the Trailblazerrs. 

”Now it’s ni###s like Donavan Mitchell and Jamal Murray going off for 58 points in the playoffs, it’s nothing to do!” Lillard said before adding “It count to me,” in regard to the Lakers 2020 championship.

Take his words with a grain of salt if you want to but I believe this may be the deciding factor on whether Lillard suits up in the purple and gold. You gotta remember, Lillard had the Lakeshow’s number during that series despite their loss. He was a complete matchup nightmare, no one could hold him. It’s obvious he would be an incredible addition to an already All-Star packed squad. Not to mention the Lakers have the ability to offer up guards such as Austin Reaves, who’s coming off an impressive Team USA outing this past FIBA World competition, to offer in trade packages.

The only drawback here is the fact that I speculate the Lakers may be hoarding draft picks in the event Bronny James may be able to be drafted to the squad before the end of his father’s tenure with the team.

Besides that, would’ve been f###ing amazing to see Lillard pulling from 60-feet out while LBJ and AD are having their way in the paint—what a time it would be, my friends!