Dave East Arrested for Weed and Disorderly Conduct


Dave East was arrested early Friday morning and cited for possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct.

The Harlem rapper and a group of friends were traveling through Queens when their SUV was pulled over after the driver turned without signaling. According to TMZ, officers smelled weed as they approached the driver’s side of the vehicle. East, who was sitting in the backseat, grew agitated after questioning the traffic stop.

A crowd eventually started to form around the car. The driver was asked for ID and turned it over, but neither East nor the other passenger provided identification.

The 31-year-old MC can be seen handcuffed with his hands behind his back in a video that was shared on social media, while onlookers criticized cops for the arrest. “That’s harassment,” says one man, while a woman pleads that East not resist. “You gotta be at the funeral tomorrow,” another voice can be heard saying.

Cops reportedly found seven bags of weed in the vehicle. Both East and the other passenger were taken into custody. East received a summons for disorderly conduct and unlawful possession of marijuana. The driver was not taken in.

“I don’t perceive that this will result in a criminal conviction, because it does not appear that Dave has been charged with a crime,” said East’s attorney, Stacey Richman. “Under New York law, disorderly conduct and unlawful possession of marijuana are violations — not crimes.”

East also posted the video of his arrest on Instagram, along with a tribute to his late friend and rapper Kiing Shooter, who died from COVID-19. “REST IN PARADISE SHOOTER SHIT DONT STOP FUCC NYPD TILL I SEE U AGAIN,” he wrote.