Did King Lil Jay Admit To Kissing A Man In Jail?


Let’s dive into the latest update surrounding the saga of King Lil Jay and his sexuality. The Chicago Drill rapper has been turning heads after some people suspected he might be into a different kind of “drilling.”

In July, the internet went “nuts” over a video clip that allegedly shows Jay in a pretty intimate moment with another inmate, complete with tender touches and a kiss, all while the guy’s sitting on his lap.

King Lil Jay couldn’t let scuttlebutt fly without setting the record straight. He hit up Instagram, straight up denying he’s the dude in the video. His take? Someone was trying to smear his name, especially after some spicy allegations against the late King Von surfaced. 

Lil Jay’s argument was pretty straightforward: the guy in the video? Not him. He’s pointing out all the mismatches – face, tattoos, body – you name it.

But here’s where it gets interesting. King Lil Jay, who’s had his fair share of run-ins with the law (remember that 12-year sentence for murder conspiracy?), recently dropped a bombshell of a quote. 

In a new clip circulating around the net, King Lil Jay seemed like he might be admitting he was the inmate in question in the salacious video. 

“I’m still King Lil Jay. Still well respected in the streets. I even got n##### that I f### with that’s like ‘man if that was you we don’t give a f###. We know what you do. You a real n####… so what, the past’s the past.’ 

King Lil Jay then appeared to want to put the video in the past, where it belongs. “Let it go. N##### still holding on to the past, I’m worried about the future. On God.”

This isn’t a full confessional, but it has led some people to wonder what King Lil Jay was trying to convey. Either way, his homies are right. It is 2023, and it really doesn’t matter if he likes men or whether he is gay or not.