Diddy Is Using His Infamous Roach Tale To Once Again Inspire People


Diddy is known for saying some outlandish things such as claiming he woke up one day with 15 roaches on his face which caused him to change his life. The Hip Hop mogul made that statement July 2021, and fans had a field day with him with a boatload of memes.

It doesn’t seem like Diddy is letting go of that story as he telling it once again for motivational purposes. There’s a clip of Diddy telling a version of the story circulating online and he’s speaking with the same conviction as last time.

“When I woke up I swear to God I had 15 roaches on my face. Don’t ask me how I know it was 15 but I promise you it was more  than 15 but I don’t really want to bug you out,” Diddy said in the clip. “All over my face and I said ‘Never again.’ I said ‘Never again and I fucking did it. If I did it, you can do it. Fuck that, look at this shit.”


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The first time Diddy told this story was when he was relaxing in his pool and eating some fruit which made the moment feel less authentic and more comical. Regardless, the Bad Boy Records founder kept his motivational spirit high.

The first video had fans and some of Diddy’s celebrity friends poke fun at his incredulous story. Curren$y led the trolling train when he tweeted his own funny story about encountering roaches.

“Woke up to 15 roaches n my ashtray…,” Spitta started off in the tweet. “I knew then I had rise up outta my situation… now empty them hoes out before they look stupid. We gettin money niggaaaaaaa.”

Son of West Coast rap legend Ice Cube, O’Shea Jackson Jr., called Diddy out for adding a little embellishment to his story.

“Hy-per-bo-le 15!?!,” O’Shea exclaimed. “First of all just one roach is enough for me to understand lmao But dawg 15?! Roaches crawling on face and you get up in the mirror to count or something!?! You know damn well you feel up girl HAIR on yo face you swat that sh*t to death.”