Discover Yaya: A Scottish Hip-Hop Artist Blending Melody and Rap in Latest Single ‘Matador’


Scotland is well known for its quality musicians, and when it comes to Hip-Hop it’s no exception. Yaya is a Scottish Hip-Hop artist with Moroccan-Tunisian heritage.

His roots shine through in his songs within which he often alternates between rapping and melodic parts. His latest song ‘Matador’ epitomizes his style with an earthy, dark, rapped verse dropping into his signature melodic style in the chorus.

The minor chords and strings add to the ominous lyrics such as ‘I’ve seen bodies drop, you’ll be in shock, but that’s all in the past’ as he laments his peers who ‘turn to drink’ and lose their way.

The chorus brings some melody to the picture in the form of clever lyrics that Yaya has a keen knack for.

His low, deep, raspy vocal sings a surprisingly catchy melody within the dark context of the music and ends with ‘What they say about me doesn’t matter bro, cause I’ve been around more bullshit than a Matador’ All together another quality single from an up-and-coming UK Hip-Hop artist. Mixed and Mastered at MusicMixMastering. An independent release.

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