DJ Akademiks Says “Radio is Finished” Following ‘The Breakfast Club’ Split


DJ Akademiks is ready to lay a tombstone on radio. Speaking with DJ Vlad, Ak revealed it’s a wrap for radio and called the separation of The Breakfast Club “weird.”

“Radio is finished,” Ak opened. “First of all, I think the announcement was kinda weird. I listened to their explanation. They said it was to figure out who was against them but like it didn’t feel like everybody was on the same page. It felt like one person leaving the band but kinda not wanting the band to continue.”

After comparing The Breakfast club split to what would happen if the Migos dissolved, Akademiks would state radio as a whole is over.

“I think radio is just all about selling ads, which pretty much most businesses are, but they’re in such a safe space where it’s like, it’s not in their benefit to really empower. What we saw early Breakfast Club with Charlamagne being so edgy, that’s done. Who put their brand behind someone like that like a big company at this point?

Do you agree with Akademiks?

Speaking of Offset, Quavo and Takeoff. Those Migos breakup rumors? All cap. DJ Akademiks caught up with TMZ and revealed the breakup rumors have no legs.

“They might be going through a small disagreement or whatever,” Ak said. “I think that they’re angling it because, you know, Takeoff and Quavo just put out a song, so they’re kind of letting it lie, letting the questions linger or something like that.”

Akademiks added, “But at the end of the day, they’re family. Offset confirmed that to me, too. Maybe if it was the City Girls that unfollowed each other, but the Migos? Come on, I just can’t see a gangster group — like, the only sign of trouble is them hitting unfollow.”